The Blizzard can and will strike when you least expect it

Latest Stories

The Heat of the Land

The sunshine was warming my hair, making my scalp prickle, the sweat film starting across my neck. I could feel my muscles relaxing, and my eyelids growing heavy. My skin soaked in the heat, warming me from the outside in. 


Sybil tried to prove she was a good daughter, but she grew to hate Skiron for not accepting her, although he treated us all well. She decided she’d had enough of vying for his love and attention and said she was leaving to find her family. Her true family.

Time Jumps

I took a few steps, my senses adjusting to the new sensations, the noise slowly recoiling into a dull roar, the stench slowly imprinting into my memories. The taste lingered, and I dug into my pocket for what I hoped was currency here.

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