The Rain

The cool water is dripping down your body. You clothes are wet, almost sticking to your skin. They hug against your body, pulled downward by gravity. Your hair is plastered to your forehead, the drops steadily falling from the end of your curled bangs.

You wipe your forehead, trying to move the rain from your eyes. The attempt is futile, as the sky keeps pouring down overhead. You trudge through the puddles, your feet slapping heavily onto the wet ground. You feel so heavy, but still you must keep walking forward. You feel like the clouds are sobbing, bawling every tear they could muster. In your eyes, no tears could fall, so the sky cried for you. You felt broken, lost, like a little boy lost in the park. You walked on, eyes firmly gazed forward. Always forward. You cannot look back, and see the past. The rain will wash away the past. You repeat, whispering it into the wind. The dark clouds blackened overhead, shifting and swirling. They seemed to be getting angrier, but, still they cried. The wind howled in your ears, the drops were now pelting you, bouncing off of you, leaving little imprints. Your hands, cold and soaked, weathered, and wrinkled in the steady beat of the water. Another drop dripped down from your hair, this time, into your eyes, you saw a flash of lightning.

The whole sky lit up, and your eyes widened. You saw the outline of the town up ahead, and knew that you finally made some headway back. You picked up your left foot, grunting as the weight of the water slowed your move. Brought that leg forward, and sunk it it into the ankle deep water, that ran along the street, the surprise river seemed to be rising, like the rage you are keeping in check, but you keep moving forward. Right foot, splash, left foot, splash. Your heavy breaths are lost in the unruly wind, a few leaves whipping about. The Thunder finally roared! A low rumbling, that elongated into a powerful booming sound. You felt the rising pressure in your chest. Left foot, splash, right foot, splash. The drops seemed to turn to ice, and your face hurt, like needles piercing your skin. You pause only a moment, as another flash of lightning fills the sky. You see the arc and dance of light as it bounced from the crying clouds to the earth. The town is a little closer, you can almost see the street lights now. You struggle on, putting all your power into moving those legs, picking up those heavy feet and stomping through that water. The Thunder roars at you, startling you at its loudness. You can hear your blood boiling above the screaming wind. The icicles now lancing into you, numbing your body. You can’t feel your legs anymore, but still you push them onwards. The dark blue-green sky is churning, mimicking the anger you feel. You can hear, a low, constant rumble, the splish- splash of your feet, mixed with the water hitting the ground, the puddles filling and spilling over into one another, creating that river along the street. Your breath is shallow, heavy, hard. You take one more step, lift that left foot up, swing it forward and stomp it down into the water. Your foot doesn’t hit the ground. You hang there, suspended, the rain falling in curtains over you. Your foot slips on the slippery rock. You feel your numb body being pulled forward by the gravity. As you shoot your icy cold hands in front of you to brace for impact, your knees buckle, crashing into the ground. Your hands find the ground in front of you, keeping your upper body out of the cascading water running along the side of the road. You feel a sharp sting, as your palms are torn open on the asphalt, your knees are throbbing from the sudden impact. You feel the wetness creep over your legs, somehow feeling more wet than you had been. Can you be wetter than soaking wet? You feel your palms warm up with the stinging, and the small rivulets of blood appearing from the scrapes. You check on yourself in the glow of the frequent lightning flashes. The Thunder was now a constant rumble. You could feel it in your chest, the swelling, the anger, the frustration all building. “RRRROOOOAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH” You screamed while the thunder booms. You felt the tears overwhelm your eyes, as you let them fall, the hot burning feeling as they streamed down your cheeks. You kneeled in that flowing water, soaked to the bone, letting out blood curdled scream after scream, howling and gulping for air. The wind swallows your screams letting you cry out with everything you have. You scream until you are sobbing, all but wiped out. You let the rain wash everything away, and let it take away all the hurt, the frustration the anger. You kneel there, feeling the thunder roar, seeing the lightning flashes, listening to the wind, your blood slowly simmering down, the hiccupping sobs turned into smaller gasps of air, the tears finally drying. You place your bloodied palms on your knees and push up. You raise your left foot, then your right. You straighten yourself up, shoulders back, head held high. You take another step forward, and see that town in front of you come into view. The Clouds above you have stopped their churning, the swirling. The flashes have almost stopped, the rumbles have faded. You keep stepping forward, and the sky slips out of her green dress, and back into grey, the clouds smoothening out above you. The rain is now just a light caress on your skin, almost misty. The roaring river beneath your feet, is now just a trickle, some puddles left, showing the ripples of the still falling rain. You walk forward, your still wet feet hitting the puddles, splish- splash, but you no longer feel heavy. You can see a few small rays of sunshine start to peek out. You start to bounce, jumping from puddle to puddle. Left foot, Hop, right foot. Splash! You reach the town limits just as the rain stops entirely. You finally allow yourself to look behind you. You can see all the dark churning clouds, the rain, the storm moving away, but you smile. The sun has cast its light on the past, revealing the most stunning sight of light, red, orange, yellow, blue, indigo, and purple arching across sky. The most beautiful thing you can see, is a rainbow bridging your storm to your sunshine.

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