Blue Cavern

The sound of my footsteps echoed in the cavern. It was dark, a little damp and misty.  It was cold, and I still wet. The waterfall roared outside the cave. I looked for you, but my eyes hadn’t adjusted yet. You called my name, the excitement in your voice tugging at me. We were swimming on the lake, just playing and having fun. Chasing each other in the refreshing cool water, underneath the hot summer sun. We swam to the waterfall. I swam to the left, and you to the right. We each took a big breath, and dove under the ever falling curtains of water and moved our bodies through the current. We raised our heads out of the water and took a breath. We were now on the backside of the falls. The water cascading down in front of us, and the cliff at our backs. We climbed onto the rocks and sat there, smiling and talking over the sound of the water. The rocks were smooth, eroded over time from the passing water. We leaned back and relaxed, just sitting in our own little bubble, sheltered from the outside world.
I held my hand into the falling water when you spotted it. You called out to me “Hey, look there’s a cave up there!”. You immediately started the short climb. It looked to about 4 or 5 feet up from the pooling water. You easily got up there and called back to me “come look at this! It’s a big cave up here.” I saw you disappear into the mouth. I wondered at your braveness, head first into the unknown. I looked around, and grasped the smoothened rocks and tried to climb up. My foot slipped once, I fumbled a bit before clamoring up the rest of the way. I was at the lip of the cave, peering in. I could hear the roar of the waterfall behind me. You called out to me from within that cavern. I couldn’t see, but I could hear you. I shivered in the darkness waiting for eyes to adjust to the lack of light. My footsteps echoed against the rocks. My sight started to return and I looked around. The walls were wet, and the air was misty from where the water hit the ground and danced around. The floor sloped towards the falls and the lake, eroded by water. I looked into the cave and saw your  silhouette as you called to me again. The excitement in your voice was exhilarating. You came to me and took my hand.  Your hand was warm, and I felt my pulse quicken. You pulled me along, excitingly turning this way and that.  I was lost, the falls a faint sound behind us now. As we walked the cave grew drier, and so did I. I slowed down as we walked, admiring the rock formations, the walls weathered down smooth in placed, competing with jagged broken stone. The swirls of colours, greens and blacks mixed with the browns and whites. The textures of grainy, sharp and slick, smooth and cool. We hadn’t walked that long in when you said “sunlight” and I followed your outstretched finger, pointing to a spot on the wall that was brightened. You grabbed my hand again, and we made our way towards the light. We squeezed our way between two large boulders, and found ourselves in a large clearing. I gasped. I think you did to. 
There was no sun, instead the large room was glowing! It was stunningly beautiful ! A bright blue glow filled the space, illuminating the cavern walls. We stood there with our mouths agape, staring, not quite comprehending the treasure we had found. As we stared, the blue glow seemed to pulse. The light wasn’t steady it seemed. It flickered on and off in different line patterns. You broke the silence first, “it’s beautiful” whispered from your lips. I looked down, to try and see what the glowing was coming from. As I bent down, I could see that the cavern floor was covered in what looked like tiny glowing mushrooms, the glow from underneath the cap of the mushroom top. “Bioluminesent mushrooms” I whispered. You took a step forward, and the room lit up in a flutter. Thousands upon thousands of glowing blue butterflies took to the air. The flap of their wings echoing, their flowing pattern shifting and twisting. A light show of our very own. We watched, not moving, in complete awe. The butterflies danced along the top of the cavern before settling back down on the glowing mushroom caps. I slowly sat down on the floor with my back to the wall, you sat down beside me and took my hand. The warmth of your hand melted into mine and sank into my chest. We spoke not a word. The minutes were like years, the years a single heartbeat. We stayed there a little while, in comfortable silence staring at this beautiful, untouched, magical world that only we knew about. The words escaped us, but we knew, we would only ever see this once in our lifetime and it was a treasure worth seeing. You squeezed my hand, and I lifted my head from your shoulder, not realizing it had settled there. You told me reluctantly that we needed to go, your eyes reflecting the blue glow of the room. With reluctance, I agreed. We stood up slowly, but still the movement disturbed the butterflies again. They fluttered up, swarming and swirling up towards the cavern roof, as we slipped through the two boulders that hid their world. You still held my hand, as we walked back through those cavern walls. We were speechless, but excited. Content in each others company and silence. I felt the walls dampen, and the rocks grew slippery. I heard the waterfall rumble. We both looked at one another and started to run. We ran to the edge of that cavern and leapt!
We both passed through the waterfall and splashed down into the pool of churning water. The water was refreshing and cool, the sun bright and warm on my wet skin.  We surfaced in the lake, and swam to the shore. I laid down on the sunny shore. You laid down beside me and rested your head on my shoulder. “Was that really real?” I whispered. A white butterfly with blue spots landed on my nose. She opened her wings once, twice, before she quickly took off again, fluttering away silently towards the waterfall. 

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