Ella stood by her voodoo dolls, staring at her latest creation. It was perfect. She just needed to gather the last ingredient to make the spell complete. She knew she shouldn’t mess around with this side of magic, but she was desperate. Her familiar looked up from his perch on the windowsill, eyeing the collection of misshapen woven dolls. Ella looked at him, drew her finger up, and pointed at him. 

“No, Frankie. Do not touch these.” The cat stretched and yawned before rolling over onto his back to catch the rest of the afternoon sun. 

Ella grabbed her bag and headed to the local witch’s shop. She needed a protection crystal before she tampered with Voodoo magic using those dolls. The Apothecary was beside the local music shop, the smell of incense mingling with the chimes and beats of the latest singles. The witch and the musician were good friends, and often had events at their stores. Today, there was such an event at the music store, and he would be there. She was infatuated with him.

He was tall, blond, smart, and played guitar. She was just a mousy wannabe witch, and he paid no attention to her. He and his friends were playing guitar with the musician when she arrived at the conjoined store. She talked to the witch, and purchased her crystal, slipping in into her bag. She stopped and talked to the musician, who told her she was welcome to come and pick an instrument to learn. Ella laughed, knowing that her instrument of choice would be the boy she had her eye on. But first, she would need to get a strand of his hair.

The guitar playing boys cat-called and jeered at her. They called her a ‘barbie witch.’ A ‘witch-bitch.’ A ‘baby goth.’ She had had enough. Instead of tricking them, she walked up to each of the four boys, and plucked a hair from their heads. “Since you think I’m a failure of a witch, you won’t mind if I voodoo you into submission then, hmm?” They laughed and shooed her away as she stuffed their fresh plucked hairs into her bag. 

She hurried home, now having all the ingredients she needed to do the dark magic. She pulled her perfect doll out and brushed off the spell book and laid it on her desk. As she pulled the crystal and hair from her bag, she realised her horrible mistake.

“Oh, no!” she whispered. “I’ve mixed up the hair. Which one is his?” She looked at all the strands, but couldn’t tell. Frankie meowed from somewhere under the bed and batted out one of her dolls. “Frankie!” Ella scolded the feline, “I told you not to touch these. You have a hundred other toys and mice to catch!” The cat sauntered out from under the bed and wandered away, tail swishing. 

Ella picked up the doll and the hair, and very carefully started to wrap it around the doll.“I guess we can try this now. See if it works.” Then she placed the other three hairs into a zip-lock bag. She would play with the doll tomorrow at school and figure out whose hair she had. She chanted while holding the handmade doll. There was no flash, no smoke, no magic prickle, no sense of change. Ella shrugged and tossed the doll into her bag, planning to bring it to school the next day.


When she got to school the following morning, she decided she would start small, testing to see if the spell had been cast correctly. “Make his leg itchy,” she whispered to the doll, and ran a fingernail down his right leg. 

The brown-haired boy immediately went into a scratching frenzy on his right leg! 

Ella was overjoyed. It wasn’t the boy she wanted, but it worked! She made his left leg itch, just to be sure. The boy jumped as he scratched both his legs incessantly until Ella whispered, “stop itching.” She laughed and giggled in glee. She had the power. She could make him do so much more.

Taking out the ziplock bag of hairs, she thought about it. “I wonder if I can have more than one hair on there?” She laughed and grabbed another hair from the bag, and tied it around the doll and whispered the incantation. Ella hoped to feel some kind of magical energy, to know that it had worked, but still no magical energy was felt.

She whispered to the doll and tickled it. The two boys erupted into uncontrollable laughter and fell to the floor, wriggling from the torture. Ella’s teachers were baffled as the boys could not control themselves. They cried out from the tickle torture and the brown haired boy even peed hispants! Tears were streaming down their faces, and they turned red. The other students looked on in abject horror and shock. Ella stared at the two boys, feigning horror and covering her snickering. She finally whispered to the doll, “stop.” The two boys picked themselves up off the classroom floor and scurried out the door in embarrassment. 

Ella clapped her hands under the desk. She was so excited that it worked! She opened up the ziplock, pulled out a third hair, and enchanted the doll again. Ella whispered to the doll to have them cluck like chickens whenever they were spoken to. She sighed when again, the boy she really wanted control over was staring at his friends as they clucked back at him when he asked them something. Everyone around was giggling, watching the three popular boys acting like idiots.

She wanted to see how much control she had, before adding the last strand. “Dance like no one is watching, singing loudly and off key.” The boys danced almost immediately, one wriggling like a maniac while singing some rap song, another grabbed her crush and tried to slow dance while singing ‘It’s a Small World’, and the last one, sang ‘I’m a Little Teapot’ with all the actions.

Anyone who passed by stopped and stared at these guys making fools of themselves. Ella laughed along with the group of students now gathered outside. Her crush, the blond-haired boy, was trying to get his friend to stop. Shouting at them to smarten up, but no matter what he said, they did not listen to him. Ella finally took pity, and whispered to the doll, “stop.”

The boys stopped, but they didn’t even know what they had done. Ella giggled. It was time to add the final hair. She would finally have control over her crush, her beau. He would see her for her. As she went to pull the other three hairs off, she thought to herself, “Why would I trade three for one, when I can have them all fawn over me?”

Once she got home, she added the final hair and enchanted the doll again. This time, she felt a small pull at the back of her neck. She shuddered, but shrugged it off. What was the difference now? She was going to control the four of them and make them all love her. 

“Have them all pick me up and take me on a date tonight at seven. We will go to the pier and have a night by the sea. Have them willing to share and want all of me for who I am, as I am.” She glanced at the clock, and started to get ready, placing the doll on her vanity near her bag. 

She was finishing putting on lipstick when the doorbell rang promptly at seven. She dropped her lipstick, and things went flying off her vanity as she raced down the stairs to get the door. The four boys were standing there together, dressed for a night out. She grabbed her bag off the hook by the door and left. 

“You look lovely tonight, Ella.” the boys said in unison. Ella laughed and said thank you. They talked to her individually, asked her questions while they went and had dinner at a restaurant down by the watee. They were polite and friendly and took an interest in her. Ella was feeling quite smug about her decision, and her doll. She reached into her bag to pay her portion of the meal, when she realized she had left the doll at home. Her eyes widened, but boys stopped her.

“This is our treat. We want to share everything with you.” Then they steered her outside for a walk by the pier. It was a peaceful, quiet night. She relaxed, holding hands with two, and two trailing behind her. She couldn’t help but think that she was so smart for trying this. 

Suddenly, there were four squeals of pain.

The boys she was holding hands with shuddered away and stood with the other two. All four of them had blood seeping out from scratches on their arms and torso. Ella screamed, seeing  their shirts shredded and turning red. They tried to cover the scratches and staunch the bleeding, but the blood kept gushing out.

With a sudden unseen force, the boys go flying, sailing across the boardwalk. Their right arms were all ripped off with a series of sickening pops, the tearing and screams of agony echoing across the lake. The dismembered arms were seemingly thrown through the air, waving as they fell. They splashed into the water and floundered before stilling. The blood seeping from the ripped joint coloured the lake a dark red in the dying light of the sunset.. The boys’ screams of pain were piercing, and Ella fell to her knees, screaming and sobbing in horror.

Four squelches echo into the night as their heads are covered in a wet goo and promptly ripped from their shoulders. Their wails of agony had ended, but the looks of disgust and terror were forever formed on their faces. The loose heads rolled down the boardwalk and stopped at Ella’s feet. Their blank, dead eyes stared back at her, accusing her. Their blood was on her hands, and splattered across her face. She was kneeling, sobbing as the blood pooled around her, horror reflected in her eyes. “What have I done?” She whispered into the night air.

The sirens and screams of people nearby running towards her echoed in her ears. She would be burned for this. She should be burned for this! A gasp was heard as someone walked onto the horrific scene. Four unattached arms floating in the water, four heads screaming silently in terror, four decimated corpses, and one sobbing girl on her knees, drenched in blood. 


Frankie grabbed the torso in his mouth and batted the arm from side to side until it landed under the bed. He pranced towards the vanity, proud of his catch. Ella’s things were strewn across the floor. The shiny lipstick had caught his attention and he wanted to play. He dropped the destroyed doll’s torso onto Ella’s hairbrush, and a single strand of her hair stuck. Frankie batted the shiny lipstick cap under the bed, and his tail swished as he saw the head of the doll again. He wiggled his backside and pounced, chomping the head between his elongated teeth and carrying the severed head to the windowsill.

One last piercing scream echoed across the lake that dark night!

PART 2 on October 31st

“And that little fledglings, is what we Voo-don’t.” The Witch of the Apothecary stood around her five young witches, whose eyes were locked onto the images dancing over the cauldron.

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