Freeze Her

The tasty cheeks and leg will have to go in the freezer now. Fresh meat was so much better, but this will have to do. My brother John was out looking for other easy sources, while my mom and my sister were picking up more freezers. Dad and I were reinforcing the traps. 

We needed to stock up on meat, specifically untainted meat. We also needed to prepare ourselves; We weren’t only the hunters now, but also the hunted. 

I shifted the rifle from one shoulder to the other and returned from the underground cellar to the detached garage. We butchered the meat here. There was a massive table and plenty of cutlery to get the job done. We left nothing to waste, melting down the fats, grinding the bones into powder, stretching and tanning the hides. Everything had a use. The best use for this animal, though, was its taste. 

The family truck pulled up, and my sister called out to dad and me to come give her a hand. I opened the garage to bring in the extra freezers as my brother John comes barreling into the driveway in the sedan. Two blond haired teens rode in the back seat, a little shaken up, but okay. One was skinny and fair, the other darker and more plump. My mouth watered as I looked at her. 

Dad comes around the corner with my sister Sally, carrying a huge freezer. The two girls look shaken and confused as John goes and helps by replacing Sally. Mom comes out of the truck and brings the girls into the house, telling them about the plans to stock the freezers full of meat to survive the zombie apocalypse. She asked them if they’ve encountered any zombies yet, and whether they knew anyone turned. 

I returned to the garage and sharpened the knives. The two girls wouldn’t be enough, but it was a start. They’d fill our freezers for now. We would have to hunt the deer and moose and elk for food, but we wanted our favourite meat available. 

A piercing scream was heard, and my mouth watered. Mhm, what I’d give to sink my teeth into that juicy flesh. John comes in carrying the skinny girl. Followed quickly by dad with the juicy one. The three of us got to work, slicing and dicing. We skinned them, handing off the hides to the girls to tan and dry and stretch. No time to save the fats from this group. We carefully sliced the best parts and then hacked the remaining into chunks, poured into freezer bags. 

The girls grabbed a set of rifles and headed back to the car. They were going to see about finding more meat. 

John and Dad were going to check more traps. I brought the ziplocks down to the cellar, placing the meat cuts in their respective freezers. Nearly 20 full freezers and 2 more upstair now. Zombies or not, we were ready. And we’d be well fed.

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