Nanowrimo 2021

Well dear readers. My blog looks a little sparse these days. My apologies, but I took the month of November and managed to spit out an entire novel worth of words into a document that now needs be edited with a fine tooth comb, like storm troopers combing the desert in space balls!

But in case you are interested, it’s the story of a girl named Sahara, who finds herself plunged into fantasy world she never could have dreamed of. Along the way, she makes friends, enemies, a few frienemies and even finds some family.

As with any good fantasy, there are amazing creatures, magic and transformations. A contest, an evil monarch, a war to won and a prophecy to fulfill. Will she the be one to bring peace to this place?

Once I get some editing in, I will share some of my story with you, introduce my characters a little, but I hope to bring you all short stories again soon.

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