A Goddess Series..

Victoria Moxley is the Scribe for Aphrodite at InThePantheon.
See the first post in a series of Goddesses causing some chaos in the God Complex and Olympus Annex. Featuring Hestia, scribed by Kaitlyn Kalor, Amphitrite, Scribed by Natalie Bartley, and Adrestia, scribed by Kelsey Ann Lovelady and none other than Khione.

The first Episode in the series is Who you are: Aphrodite’s POV

Episode two: At Home with the Family: Amphitrite’s POV

Episode Three: The Joy of the Hearth Hestia’s POV.

Episode four; Of Hearths and Family Khione tells her tale..

Episode Five: Daughter of Love, Adrestia joins the party!

Episode 6: What Defines Pie; Hestia POV

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