Fortune of Youth

The Ferris wheel was flashing, its power flickering on and off in the darkened skies. The smell of cotton candy and fried food lingered in the air. The silence was punctuated by the buzzing of the broken transformer.

The tent poles, long abandoned by their fabric, showed the skeletal remains of a once wonderland. The center ring etched into the ground was worn away with time.

She wandered through the fairground, touching the remnants of the place she once called home. The memories flowed through her milky eyes and the tears flowed freely.

She spent her youth here, reading tarot for anyone willing to listen. She was good, drawing in customers from far and wide.

She walked the route to her lost home, the dust and dirt floating in the air as her long skirts sashayed across the overgrown dirt path. The beads on her jewelry jingled with every movement.

The feeling of unease welled up deep inside her. She should turn back, she thought, but her feet carried her forward. She was aware this place had fallen to ruin; she had seen it wither and decay with time, like her, growing old and forgotten.

Her tent was right in front of her. She was nearly Home. The calling was familiar, the skeletal bars still standing, threads of purple material clinging on.

Her bones ached as she passed through the empty archway and felt the wind whip through her skirts and her senses were overwhelmed.

The noise, whirring, buzzing, beeping games, the laughing children, animals sounds, the roar of applause at the enormous red and white tent. The Ferris wheel was brightly lit up and playing loud music as it spun safely in its tracks. The smells of fresh fries, cotton candy, and doughnuts filled her nose.

She smiled, the youth having returned to calm her achiness. Home.

“Excuse me Miss, can I get my fortune read?”

And she raised the flap and returned to her calling, as the Carnival of Life cycled again.

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