The Heat of the Land

It was hot. 
The sky was hazy, the sun not quite the solid circle in the sky. The breeze, gently brushing my skin, did nothing to cool me off. 

The sunshine was warming my hair, making my scalp prickle, the sweat film starting across my neck. I could feel my muscles relaxing, and my eyelids growing heavy. My skin soaked in the heat, warming me from the outside in. 

My breath was deep, but not satisfying; the air feeling heavy in my chest. My mouth was drying up, my saliva not quite moist enough to keep my lips from drying out. My throat was getting scratchier the deeper I drew my breath. The wind was blowing my hair onto my face, sticking in the beading perspiration. I closed my eyes and leaned back, letting the sun bake me.

I could feel my shirt dampening, a drop of sweat formed on my back, crawling slowly down my skin. The breeze blew past again, but still the warm caress could not soothe. I could feel my skin warming now, my blood rising to the surface, turning my skin flushed and red.

The warmth was rushing throughout my body, from my scalp to my toes. I let the heatgasm wash through my body, raising my core temperature and feeling oh-so-good. But my temperature still rose. The sweat was on my skin, the backs of my knees, my armpits and inner elbows are all distinctly on my radar now. The back of my neck was slick with perspiration, my hot hair was now damp, sticking to my neck and to my forehead. My eyes grew too tired. My body yearned to yawn. My stomach grew taut while my muscles relaxed. 

My lips, drying quickly, needed to licked, but my tongue was not satisfying enough.  

“Water” I croaked, my voice cracking, my throat drying. “Need water”. I struggled to stand, my muscles limp and floundering, not wanting to contract. My eyelids were still too heavy, my body feeling like a pool of goo, as I yawned. My relaxed body laid on the ground, as the sweltering heat boiled on around me, raising my temperature higher, and higher.  

I’m in hell, I thought. The soles of shoes melted to my feet in painful agony. I think I tried to scream, but just noiseless air escaped my parched mouth, my vocal chords too hot to function. 
This is how I die. I close my eyes and let the heat overtake me, consuming me, boiling my blood and searing my skin as I nourished the parched earth.

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