The Soul Pool

“The pool is nearly empty,” the inky blot whispered. 

“What was that?” another amorphous splodge responded. 

The two beings circled a void of darkness in the furthest reaches of space. 

“THE. POOL. IS. NEARLY. EMPTY.  Great Sliehffgf you need to get your hearing checked.” 

“Empty? How can it be empty? We’ve made each portion already 1/64th of what it should be. We can’t go any smaller,” the Amorphous Splodge said back to the Inky Blot. 

“Well, I don’t fill it. I just portion it out. We can’t go any smaller. They are already fighting each other. Hating each other. Those full portions aren’t dying and returning their shares. They just keep living, on and on and on.” 

“I see. And has anyone petitioned to the Shliehffgf to have a catastrophic event to force some to return their portions?” 

“We have petitioned him. But because the smaller portions are out there causing havoc, he wants the full portions to be able to steer them to each other. To find their full portions. I think he’s calling them  ‘soulmates’.” 

“I thought he started that when we split them in half? Find your other portion to feel whole? Now they have 64 soulmates? Why doesn’t he just put them to rest and have them return to the pool? We would have more to portion out.”

“The pool is nearly empty, but only the smallest portions are returning. Seems life doesn’t last long with only small portions. They tend to feel lost, sad, alone, depressed. Some choose to return it willingly. Others find themselves in a fight for land that shouldn’t be bound. Then the other small portions use it to become wealthy. Accumulating stuff until they can’t anymore. And then they return the little piece they have.”

“What about Lucoabs? Does he still collect portions from the creatures who dare to make a deal?”

“It’s still not enough to fill the pool. ” 

The two beings stared at each other as the requests came in for another portion of the pool. “That’s the last of it, then.”

“Those who come into existence now, will forgo a portion altogether. I fear for our universe.” 

They portioned out the rest of the pool, scraping the last bit of it out and giving as much as they could, hoping that somehow, enough portions would be returned to fill the quota.

From deep within the black void, they heard the Rorschach announce, “ We are going to end a planet, and have them return their portions. They are one of the shortest lived. So for now it’s a temporary fix.” 

“So Earth is getting its core blown up. That should fill the pool for about 2 weeks.”
“Those creatures weren’t good when they had the full portion. I imagine it’s total chaos with only 1/64th a portion.”
“Nah, humans had half and quarter portions. They were just a terrible plague. Good riddance.” 

The two beings swirled with excitement as the pool began to fill. All the creatures on earth had returned their portions. Their souls would be portioned out to the next creatures born into existence.

May the Pool never empty again.

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