A year in the making

One year ago, I started on a new journey. Some friends encouraged me to submit a literary piece for an online magazine.

It all started as a joke- the Blizzard Queen should be the voice of the Goddess of Snow. They told me to think about it.

Well, I don’t think I had a chance to think about it before the character had come alive in my head. She demanded to be a heard, a force of nature exerting herself over me.

I wrote an intro for her, and after some friendly proofreading, I submitted the piece to InThePantheon.com.

I had taken the first step in sharing my work and had embarked on a journey without a goal in mind.

There was a call for submissions for poetry. Odes to the Gods, for the book Immortal Hymns. I wrote two poems and submitted them both, figuring what the hell, if I get rejected, it’s all one big rejection, and I could retreat back into nothingness.

Then came the request for an interview, to become a Scribe for ITP. We met and talked on my birthday, and before I knew it- I was in orientation.

Khione was getting a voice, through me! They liked my story! On top of that- they liked my poems so much so that they selected both to be published!

I joined a community full of like minded individuals, and was encouraged to rejoin Twitter, and there I found even more support.

I was conned into NanoWriMo, let me tell you. I had no intention of participating back in Novembe. But I wrote 50k words for one project that had filled my head for a while, successfully completing NanoWriMo.

That project- is now in the hands of Tea with Coffee Media- an Indie Publishing company, and I am thrilled to be working with them!

Without the support and amazing people I have met on my journey- and the people who pushed me to make that uncomfortable first step, I would not have accomplished the things I did:

17 posts on InthePantheon (and counting!)

4 posts on 5minuteaffairs- Short Story Romamces.

2 Poems Published- in Immortal Hymns- available on amazon and KU

A NanoWriMo success!

And this Blog, that catches everything I’ve put out to others, and gives you short stories when I have the chance to get them on here.

What’s Next??

Well, I’ve still have lots of Khione’s story to tell, and will continue to be her Scribe, until she leaves me.

I have a sequel to dive into and finish writing.

I have another Work In Progress that was inspired by another Canadian Artist- and I’m working on getting his okay to share before I reveal it.

I think the writing community found me and picked me up when I needed it. And to everyone who reads this:

Thank you 💙👉👈

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