About Jessica Sadler

Canadian Winter

About Me

My name is Jessica Sadler, and I am known as the Blizzard Queen.

How did this moniker come to be? The short story is that whenever I work my weather sensitive job, a Blizzard would ruin all the work.

What does the Blizzard Queen do?

I conjure Blizzards!

By day, I work for an Airline, making the hard decisions, like whether your flight is on time or canceled. My expertise lies in reading the weather, and making go/ no-go decisions. I coordinate all the airline specific needs and requirements.

When I’m not doing that stressful day job, I am a mom of 2. I spend most of my time teaching my kids how to adult, even if I’m not sure I’ve learned how yet! I just hope they make themselves the main character in their own stories, and be kick-ass heroines.

I tend to write short emotional stories, using the creative outlet to let that work stress out. I work on a collaborative project called In The Pantheon, where I scribe for Khione, The Goddess of Snow.

I dabble in poetry, occasionally spitting out something others enjoy, but mostly I am happy to use the medium to help be creative.

What else do you do?

I study mandarin, 我学习汉语。I am a French/English duolingual Canadian already and am aiming for HSK 2 in the near future. I like to craft. Some projects I have in progress is a large bin of yarn waiting to be crocheted or knitted into blankets and hats. In the harsh winter months I paint (by number and Diamonds) while watching tv.