Arctic Blizzard Photos

The Arctic is a beautiful place to explore.

I am posting more photos from the most beautiful and remote areas. Many of these photos are sent to me from friends either living or visiting these wonderful places.

Please feel free to send me some photos if you’d like them on this site!

Rankin Blizzard- Canadian North Jet dec 3 2021. Sky clear to 1/8mile vis in minutes.
Hawaii Blizzard Warning- Dec 03 2021
Hawaii Blizzard Warning Dec 03 2021
An ATR72 in Pond Inlet, NU. Food delivery by plane! Photo submitted by Jeanette
The First “Blizzard” this Winter. Gjoa Haven, NU. Winds Gusting to 90km/h, mixed with light snow fall
Eureka, NU. Photo by Brendan and Jeanette

Pond Inlet, NU. Photo submitted by Jeanette B.
Glacier in Jasper, AB