Something Warmer


Releasing December 2022

Hush Little Baby, Don’t you cry, I will sing you a Lullaby,
Dream of things that are dry as sand, keep your feet forever on land…”

Sahara has been invited to perform with her choir for an elite place in a special school. With some encouragement she accepts and soon finds herself plunged into a world she could have never imagined, full of magic and deceit. A desert siren they call her, a beautiful voice able to entrance all who hear her. But when Sahara finds herself battling for her life with mythological sea creatures in a watery new world, she must determine who is friend and who is foe. Who she is and where her loyalties lie. Slavery, savage death, magic, war and a revolution, will she be the prophesized savior, or is she destined to tear their world apart? 

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